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Who knows investments online
10-29-2017, 11:14 AM,
Who knows investments online
Do you guys know how to lift i am gonna explain this word in two parties first is investments second is online ok let us on the first is to put money expect that you will get the benefit in the future for example you hold 2000 shares in certain company of $ 10,000 after any time the share increase from $30 to $49 the benefit is ($19*2000)=$38000 of gain second is to buy and sell the products use internet for example you want to purchase the car of $250,000 all you have to do is to create order at site of company fabricate the cars and give the proforma invoice then you make pay investments online is the money any person allocate and expect that he/she will get gain in the future but he/she is using internet in buying option for e.g you hold stock at company Y of 200 units think about you will get profit in the future istanbul, Turkey?
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